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Glass Sunroom Roof
Sunroom roof can be made entirely of glass, which is great for those who want a view of the sky. In some cold climates where there is a large amount of snow accumulation, glass roofs may not be a viable option (or certain glass may be required) as they may not meet weight requirements. For those that have a sunroom with a glass roof, be sure that tree branches and other debris are not in close proximity.

Hard-Covered Sunroom Roof
Your sunroom roof can also have a flat or sloped roof which is completely hard-covered, like the roof on your house or garage. This type of roof can easily match the roof on your house and may be built with the same material. Hard-covered roofs are strong and withstand large amount of snow. They also block penetrating sun rays so they can keep the room cooler. For furniture or carpet, hard-covered roofs minimize fading and can better protect fabric and furnishings.

Hard-Covered Roofs with Skylights
Some people choose to have hard-covered roofs that feature skylights. This can bring in natural sunlight and enable the homeowner to have a glimpse of the sky. It also can make the room feel more airy and open.

Each type of roof has different levels of maintenance and repair difficulty and all have been designed to suit different weather environments. It's wise to research not only the design you want but also the feasibility of the roof type.

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