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6/08/2018 - 11:03 :00 AM

  Why Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels?
 A conservatory is often the most underused room in the home. Conservatories can become very cold during the winter months very warm in the summer months. In many homes, this prevents proper use of the conservatory for most of the year or are only used for part of the year –
we can solve that problem for you?

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These extremely lightweight panels have been specifically designed to replace your old polycarbonate or glass conservatory sheets, without having to replace your existing rafters. As they’ve been manufactured with such light materials, they can be easily slotted into your old roof frames without the need of reinforcement. Many companies are fitting replacement conservatory roofs, that are simply too heavy for the original roof frames, this may cause problems in years to come, these insulated lightweight roof panels overcome this potential problem.

Conservatory extremely lightweight roof panels

More Energy Efficent than Polycarbonate or Glass
The panel roof system is the most affordable solution to stabalise the temperature inside your conservatory, at the same time offering exceptional conservatory roof insulation.

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